Monthly Archives: October 2013

What you and I are doing right now is a surprising lot. Maybe you look down at yourself and this desk or couch or bed you’ve been sitting at as you idly browse the internet. Maybe you chuckle to yourself and your break from working on something and think “no I’m not.”

But you are. You and I right now are living. We are life. We are living organisms. At the very heart of it all you and I really need to do is live. We need do little more than the basic function of a cell. We need to take in some source of energy and use it to keep us alive. But here you are. You’re using a bright piece of machinery. Energy hums throughout. All around you the noise of life is buzzing. Some light overhead, maybe the noise of people around you or outside. Everyone is moving about, doing things. They, you, I, we’re all living. But we’re doing much more than that aren’t we?

We humans are so strange. We have redefined what living is. It isn’t taking in a source of energy and breathing and doing the bare minimum to keep ourselves alive. It’s not about staying alive for us anymore, it’s not about just surviving. It’s LIVING.

Running jumping swimming laughing hugging kissing dancing acting playing thinking reading singing imagining listening watching waiting crying dreaming hoping wishing loving interpreting solving planning wondering asking answering teaching sharing growing taking leaving we do all of these things because we can, because we want to, because they’re there to do.