Random Word Writing – Smallish

Sam kicked his legs back and forth, enjoying the noise that came from his pant legs rubbing against each other. Mother had surprised him with new play clothes the day before, his previous ones finally having been worn beyond repair. This fabric was brand new, and the boy was anxious to break it in.

His view from his family’s rooftop was unrivaled. No, it wasn’t the tallest house in the city, but the closest to it’s walls. Mother didn’t like it, said it was a safety problem, but Sam loved it. Every morning he rose before anyone else in the house and silently claimed his perch. From there his legs hung over the edge as he sat back and watched the sun slowly rise.

Mother would have scolded him for such trips, but his sister was the only one who knew. It took a weekly bribe of two sweets but she kept his secret. Often she asked him why he bothered with the whole silly venture, and the only answer he could give was that it made him feel “smallish.”

When the sun peeked out from behind the mountains it made the distant trees and hills glint with gold, and steadily lit the whole landscape before him. Miles and miles away from the walls of the city grass and rock came into his view. On some days, if the weather was right, even the silhouettes of other cities could be seen. Such a spectacle dwarfed this town he called home. Towering mountains made these walls seem childish and far-stretching fields made the small boy feel like no more than an insignificant speck on the land.

It was an overwhelming feeling, one the lad was too young to find the words to describe. He simply felt smallish.

It wasn’t an intimidating feeling, really. He wasn’t discouraged by the vastness around him. On the contrary, he found it immensely exciting. Such a large land was filled with so much potential. There were numberless places to discover and explore, numberless beasts to conquer; Numberless people to meet, and numberless stories to hear and to tell. While some might shudder at the thought of their own insignificance, Sam marveled at the thought of his own individuality. So much to do, to see, to find, and so many decisions linking it all. No two lives were the same, and every person and story was unique.



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